To be a respected State Owned Corporation in energy business and non-energy mineral sectors in India with due care to nature and society and customer satisfaction.
To unearth the mineral resources through intensive exploration and prospecting activities.
To extract and mine the minerals with due compliance of the environment protection initiatives.
To extract minerals with due adherence to mine safety standards.
To secure the availability of minerals to meet the demands of various sectors of economy in a sustainable and cost-effective manner.
To make WBMDTC a profit – earning State Government Enterprise so that more meaningful and pro-active initiatives can be taken for exploration and extraction in minerals.
To adopt and use technological innovations for scientific exploration and exploitation in minerals.
Develop and exploit coal and other non-coal minerals in a Scientific, Economic and Eco-friendly manner for a major contribution to the society and industry.
To secure, assist and facilitate the growth and development of mining and mineral based industries and trading activities in West Bengal.
Scientific e-commerce and efficient manner with due regard to safety, environment and conservation.
To explore, mine, crush, smelt, amalgamate and process and market minerals and mineral based products.